About Me

About me

Hi, my name is George. A short history of my musical life so far – My journey started about 30 years ago, as most students do, I began with a nylon strung classical guitar playing folk songs and learning simple melodies. Growing up in a musical household there was always a guitar lying about, it was obvious that I would go down this path. In my teens I discovered Rock music and the electric guitar, taking lesson for about 3 years from a locally renown teacher.

I went on to attend music college and gained a diploma in Contemporary and Popular musics. The course gave me a good understanding of the workings of the music industry, studio knowledge, music history, as well as receiving excellent tuition on our primary and secondary instruments. It was here that I picked up the bass guitar, piano and basic drum knowledge. With other musicians I met on the course I was able to become a professional musician. Since then I have played thousands of gigs in various function/wedding bands, cruise ship contracts, original bands and acoustic duo/trios.

I began to teach music about 10 years ago. starting with predominently guitar students, I progressed to offering Bass and subsequently ukulele lessons. It is a priviledge to pass on the knowledge I have gained to somebody else and set them off down their own musical journey. As well as a roster of private students, I teach ukulele, guitar and drums in two local primary schools.

I also compose music for short film and corporate video, some of my work can be found on my you tube channel. Always having a keen interest in the studio and how it can be used as a tool to create music in itself I can while away hours in my studio creating new song ideas and recording music.

My Qualification are –

  • Diploma In Music Teaching – London College of Music
  • Grade Eight (Disctinction ) – Electric Guitar (Rockschool)
  • Grade Eight (Distinction) – Acoustic Guitar (RGT)
  • Grade Five (Disctiction) – Music Theory (LCM)
  • Diploma in Contemporary and popular musics – Access to Music