About Me

I began my musical journey with the guitar over 25 years ago. As most younger students do, beginning on a nylon strung guitar learning simple chords and melodies. From there I progressed to a steel strung acoustic learning folk songs and instrumental pieces. Having discovered discovered rock music in my early teens I also took up the electric guitar, taking formal lessons for about three years.

I completed the Access to Music course giving my a Diploma in Contemporary and Popular Musics leading me to play in a professional touring band.

Over the years I have played thousands of gigs from acoustic duos to touring rock band and everything in between. I am a regular performing musician with my current band on the function circuit, as part of a duo playing pubs. I also work as a dep musician on guitar or bass when needed. I also compose music for short film and video.

I have over 10 years teaching experience and have taught students from 8-80 years of age, from complete beginners to students that have gone in to further music education, with a 100% pass rate on exam entries.


My qualifications are –


  • Diploma from the London College of Music in Music Teaching
  • Grade 8 Rockschool electric Guitar – Distinction
  • Grade 8 RGT Acoustic Guitar – Distinction
  • Grade 5 Music theory – Distinction


Full enhanced DBS check.

I am a member of the RGT, the online specialist in guitar education. http://www.rgt.org

Over the years I have also taken up Piano and Drums. Although not officially qualified, the experience I have is enough to be confident on both instruments in a band situation.