Planning Planning Planning

By Goguitar1977


    New Year – New Start

    So, here we are at the end of another year, the students begin to thin out for the christmas break with plays, parties etc, I often find it is a good time to evaluate the year and start planning for the next one. From past experience it is all to easy to lurch from one year to the next, doing the same as the last one, without much thought as to why and if it is the right thing for you.


    The guitar definitely seems to have taken an upturn in populatiry in the past year, at least it seems that way to me, I have had a to more enquiries, especially in the past six months, than usual. Christmas usually brings a few lucky souls a guitar so January normally brings a few enquiries for folk looking to dip their toe in the musical lake!


    I have decided to take one of the RGT Teaching Diplomas early next year, I feel these are not only a good way to improve my teaching methods but also make me more attractive not only to new students but to schools and colleges. I have started to plan already as it is quite an involved qualification with several different parts, it has already made me question, and analize, some of my teaching methods, why do I explain something in a particular way and could I do it better?, do I give enough real world musical examples to re-enforce a musical concept? I am looking forward to challenging myself and having my teaching methods validated will no doubt give my greater confidence in my abilities.


    I am also going make a more concerted effort with my composition. I have always written music, even as far back as a Four-track tape recorder! – Looking back it was a right faff, two tracks a side, terrible quality but it was all we had and the love of recording your own music meant you worked at it until it sounded as good as it could – there was no laptop or iPad to record to in pristine digital quality, kids have got it easy today! Anyway, I digress. My friends at MGL Media have recently thrown a couple of composing jobs my way and I have really enjoyed the challenge of writing and recording music to a brief, in different styles with different instrumentation, I even got the banjo out! It was cut from the track but I enjoyed playing it anyway.


    So what have you got planned for next year? Don’t meander along as usual, stop and think, it often does you some good.


    Merry Xmas folks.